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Third-Party Claims Administration

Experix professionals come from a 30+ year tradition of dedicated medical professional claims handling. Developed in response to client requests, Experix is drawn from the core of a company founded by doctors and health care organizations to address the risks attendant to the medical industry. We are uniquely situated to provide the epitome of experienced claims management to medical professionals and organizations throughout the United States.

As the medical community faces ever-increasing litigation in an ever-evolving environment, it becomes increasingly beneficial for providers to turn to professionals with deep expertise in the highly technical aspects of medical malpractice defense. Our clients report that turning to Experix frees key personnel in their organizations to perform other duties. Most importantly, they report significant savings in both expense and indemnity cost as Experix exercises its core competency in claim handling.

Experix remains sensitive to your organization’s unique needs and goals. We tailor our approach to your claims in consultation with you, to provide optimal results consistent with cost control. We will provide investigation, analysis, evaluation, and litigation management of your claims. We will work with you to choose counsel best qualified to defend medical professionals in your area, and will recommend resolution strategy in consultation with your defense team. And we will negotiate assiduously on your behalf, because it is your money at stake.

In accord with your program’s needs, Experix can provide:
  • Lifetime administration of newly reported claims;
  • Assumption of pre-existing claims from prior handlers;
  • Administration of incident reports and precautionary events;
  • Administration of State Disciplinary investigation defense;
  • Deposition representation;
  • Reporting to NPDB, CMS and State governing bodies;
  • Issuance of 1099 forms for vendors;
  • Audits of any claims handled by others;
  • Consultation on any area of concern.

If you want data-driven cost benefit analysis by professionals managing your organization’s claims, then you want Experix.


For a claims TPA quote, please contact us.

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