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Assessments, Consultation, Tools

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Overview of Services 
As the paradigm of medicine continues to shift, Experix is here to support you with the resources you need to meet your goals for safety, patient satisfaction, and cost reduction. Our services are offered as part of an integrated Risk Management program for your organization or individually on an "a la carte" basis to supplement your current patient safety programs.  

Available through a subscription, your organization can access resources in four specialty-specific areas (Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology).

Consultations & Assessments

Targeted Risk Assessments

On-site consultation service is a hallmark of our approach. We regularly meet with the entire team, including the executive team, administrators, physicians, nurses, risk managers, and other staff to develop proactive risk management plans. We conduct in-depth risk assessments, followed by ongoing assistance with implementing any recommended system enhancements and providing related tailored education as needed. This service is offered on a subscription basis and as a one-time consult/assessment on a specific topic, area, or issue.

The objective is to assess the processes and procedures in the delivery of your patient care and provide recommendations for improvement in Patient Safety and risk mitigation from evidence based best practice.

A second set of eyes/collaboration almost always results in a superior outcome/product. 

Patient SAFE™

Experix has developed a risk management practice assessment program called Patient SAFE™ Medical Practice Survey. Patient SAFE is based on three years of Physicians Insurance insured’s’ claims data showing a correlation between a physician’s claim losses in dollars and how closely the physician’s practice followed ten standards in the delivery of patient care. This program works well as a one-time audit program, but is exceptionally effective when done on a reoccurring annual basis as part of a quality or performance improvement program. Physicians that become involved in the Patient SAFE process can be eligible for up to 20 hours of category 1 CME credit.


Phone/E-mail Consultation
The delivery of medical care, the business of running a medical practice, the physician / patient relationship and the regulatory environment are just a few of the potential issues that come up unexpectedly in the everyday practice of medicine. A quick word, review, consultation or recommendation can smooth operations, improve patient safety and mitigate risk in taking care of patients. Experix's commitment is to be immediately available during business hours and next day response to after-hours calls. This service is backed up by e-mail and voice mail when the call cannot be answered, but a risk consultant is assigned every day to the call line.

The Risk Management call line is supported by a team of Risk Management Consultants with a combined 100 years of healthcare risk management experience, including clinical and regulatory expertise. Calls range across the spectrum of patient care to clinic operations. Common topics include HIPAA privacy, informed consent, minor consent and treatment issues, release of records, documentation of care, discharging a patient from service to closing a practice; to name just a few. Our expertise and focus is from a Risk Management perspective and we maintain a list of referral sources for issues that are outside of the medical professional liability area.

This service is offered on a subscription basis with access to our collateral materials (tools, informational resources, instructional guides, publications, standardized practice forms, etc.) that relate to the question/issue/topic being discussed. These collateral materials are designed for administrators, physicians, medical staff and patients.
Tools, Publications, Resources
In responding to questions, issues and constant changes in the world of medicine, we developed an expanded library of original articles, informational resources, standardized practice forms that can be a great help to physicians, administrators and staff, covering popular topics and issues faced in most practice settings:
  • Administrative/Office Staff
  • Apology and Disclosure
  • Challenging Patients
  • Closing Your Practice
  • Depositions and Witnesses
  • EHR/Medical Records/Documentation
  • Hospital Risk Management
  • Informed Consent & Refusal
  • Language & Cross-Cultural Communications
  • Medication/Pain Management
  • Minors
  • Patient Safety & Quality Improvement
  • Provider Support
  • Termination of Care

Choose one, two, or all the services available, creating a custom solution to meet your unique set of challenges.

Contact us for inquiries and information on subscribing to our content.

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