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Provider Support

Transforming the Health Care Culture with Support

Our Leading WellTM Provider Support Services promote clinician wellness and resilience by offering innovative consultation, education, and resources. We provide our resources as part of an integrated program that we can help you establish within your organization – or as stand-alone resources that address specific issues you may have already identified. Our goal is to help clinicians practice self-care, maintain a good work/life balance, and gain wisdom from their experience of an adverse event or litigation.

For additional information about tailoring our provider support services to fit your organizational needs, please contact us at TalkToUs@ExperixLLC.com.  
Consultation Implementation CME Resources for Resilience
Experix offers consultation to help facilities promote a culture of physician wellness and patient safety. We will work with you and your team to establish benchmarks, goals, and a structure that fits your organization to increase provider well-being and patient safety through activities such as:
  • Interviewing of key leaders of the medical staff, nursing staff, risk management and human resources to identify the right support systems for the organization
  • Evaluating feasibility for implementing either an internal or external peer support program as a part of the overall provider support plan
  • Delivering findings and formal recommendations

After learning about your organizational challenges, we can also help with development and implementation of an internal support program through activities such as:
  • Assist in the establishment of your own peer support program, which includes:
    • Outlining clinician roles and responsibilities within the provider support system
    • Designing educational recommendations based on assessments of your facility
    • Assisting in the selection of the peer supporters
    • Delivering onsite training for peer supporters
    • Offering Experix’s templates / forms for implementation use
    • Facilitating a quarterly, 1-hour debriefing (to provide feedback and additional learning for the peer supporter after program initiation
  • Establish apology and disclosure policies for the entire staff and medical team
  • Team retreats and classes for increasing life-work balance and promoting self-care skills
Experix offers a suite of CME courses and trainings designed for provider support. They can be used as stand-alone education to generate awareness within your organization with key personnel, but they are most often used as a subscription package of CME availability to all of your providers, to augment your own provider support program.

  • Don’t Leave Me Standing Alone: Making the Case for Peer Support
    This self-study program, hosted by Dr. Jo Shapiro, enables providers to recognize the impact of adverse outcomes, access appropriate support when needed, and administer emotional first aid to peers.
    1-hour | On-Demand Webinar| 1 Category 1 CME Credit |For entire medical team
  • Provider Support: Ensuring Effective Support after Adverse Events
    This program raises awareness around the emotional impact of adverse events on the health care team. Participants will learn about the effects of distress and identify coping techniques.
    1-hour | Onsite seminar| 1 Category 1 CME Credit |For entire medical team
  • Adverse Event Response Team Training 
    This experiential education enables clinicians and organizations to address the needs of patients, families, caregivers, and facilities. It prepares physicians to coordinate the disclosure of an adverse event, deliver a compassionate apology when applicable, and oversee an ongoing care plan for the patient and family.
    2.5-hours | Onsite seminar/training| 2.5 Category 1 CME Credit |For provider support team
  • Leading Well: Promoting Clinician Resilience & Patient Safety Through Provider Support
    This seminar improves understanding of the multi-dimensional impact of adverse events, litigation, and burnout. Clinicians will learn simple skills to reduce stress, support patient-centered care, and improve their day-to-day experience as a provider.  
    2-hours | Onsite seminar/training | 2 Category 1 CME Credit |For entire medical team
Unfortunately, burnout is an endemic to the practice of medicine, a gratifying but emotionally exhausting profession. The following articles and white papers were designed to promote a culture of physician and staff wellness under challenging work circumstances and are an example of the resources we provide our customers.

Adobe PDF Reducing Clinician Burnout (Work Well NW's White Paper)
Promoting Patient Safety and Provider Support through Just Culture Promoting Patient Safety and Provider Support through Just Culture
Halting Clinician Burnout to Increase Resiliency Halting Clinician Burnout to Increase Resiliency
Taking a One-Minute Timeout to Improve Medical Skill and Help Patients Taking a One-Minute Timeout to Improve Medical Skill and Help Patients
When a Physician Is Devastated by the Loss of a Patient When a Physician Is Devastated by the Loss of a Patient
8 Ways to Respond to a Provider Who Has Experienced a Medical Error 8 Ways to Respond to a Provider Who Has Experienced a Medical Error
Adobe PDF The Value of Provider Support

Beyond Burnout: Promoting Physician Engagement & Resilience 
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Don't let your physicians worry alone.

Physicians should not have to navigate burnout in isolation. Contact Experix to learn more about provider support at (855) 776-1831 or email TalkToUs@ExperixLLC.com

Experix is a Physicians Insurance company offering risk management resources based on more than 30 years’ experience, all of which is complimentary for Physicians Insurance members.


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