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Statins: What to Recommend When Guidelines Conflict?

Hours: 1.00

Best suited for: Physicians and other prescribing professionals in family and general practice, internal medicine, cardiology and geriatrics


Description: More than 21% of US adults take lipid-lowering statin medications; however, the CDC states that many more people should be doing so. But who is eligible? The guidelines of the USPSTF, the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association and the endocrinologists are in conflict with each other. Statin Wars are being waged in the medical literature over the expanded use of statins for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease. While statins are said to be very safe, they are associated with increased blood pressure, increased blood sugar and problems with memory and cognition. This monograph aims to review the guidelines, provide criteria and cautions for weighing the evidence, and assist the prescribing physician or practitioner in advising patients on what to do about statins in the current environment of uncertainty and controversy.  

Learning Objectives: Upon completion, participants should be able to:

  1. Compare the current recommendations on statin use in primary prevention from the USPSTF and the ACC/AHA.
  2. Describe some cautions and caveats in evaluating the research evidence supporting the expanded use of statins.
  3. Explain to a patient the strengths and limitations of the risk calculator recommended by your medical specialty society.
  4. Discuss with a patient his or her individual risks and compare the benefits of statins with lifestyle changes.

Learning Assessment: There will be a post test for this activity with a minimum performance requirement of 8 out of 10 correct answers.

Estimated time to complete activity: 60 minutes

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Residents will earn a certificate of completion. Physicians will earn CME credit.

Method and Medium: To obtain CME credit, view the entire online presentation, complete the evaluation and post test and print your certificate online.

CME Credit: 1.0


State Requirements: This course may meet specific CME requirements for the following states. It is the user's responsibility to confirm whether content meets the user's state's specific requirements:
Connecticut - This activity includes content in Risk Management
Massachusetts - This activity includes content in Risk Management
Pennsylvania - This activity includes content in Risk Management / Patient Safety
Texas - This activity includes content in Ethics and/or Professional Responsibility

CME Disclosure Policy: LAMMICO/Medical Interactive requires planners, authors, faculty and all those who influence the content of a CME activity to disclose any financial relationships they have with commercial interests that are relevant to the CME activity. The disclosures shall be reviewed for any conflict of interest and subject to a mechanism for resolution of conflict of interest. A disclosure statement of relevant financial relationships will be made to the audience prior to the activity.

Disclosure: The authors, expert reviewer, editors and planning committee members for this activity have no relevant financial relationships to disclose.

Authors: Ruth Ryan, RN, BSN, MSW, CPHRM - Read Bio

Medical Expert Reviewer: Karl N. Hanson, MD, FAAFP - Read Bio

Editors: Karen K. Davis, MA, CPHRM - Read Bio

Content Advisors/Planning Committee Members - Read

Risk Management Committee Members - Read

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Web Master Contact Information: For assistance, contact Shea Ivey at 866/398-1038 or help@medicalinteractive.com
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Disclaimer: This educational material is not intended to substitute for individualized clinical judgment.  It does not dictate an exclusive method of care, and it is not applicable to all circumstances and all patients. 

Copyright Information: Copyright © 2018

Bibliography: To view and download References & Resources for this presentation, please select the References tab/link below.

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Original Release Date: May 23, 2018
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Expiration Date: May 23, 2021

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