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Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence (2 credit Monograph)

Hours: 2.00

Best suited for: All physicians and health-care professionals who participate in direct patient treatment.

Original Release Date: March 31, 2016
Review Date: September 30, 2018
Expiration Date: March 31, 2019

Description: According to the most recent CDC findings: 22.3% of women (nearly 1 in 4) and 14% of men (1 in 7) have experienced severe physical violence perpetrated by an intimate partner. 19% of women (1 in 5) and 1.7% of men (1 in 59) have been raped in their lifetimes. 15.2% of women (1 in 6) and 5.7% of men (1 in 19) have been stalked in their lifetimes. The first professional contact for people who experience intimate partner violence (also referred to as domestic violence) is likely to be a physician or other health-care provider. Studies of women who are abused found that they seek medical attention more frequently than non-abused women, even if they tend to hide the fact that they are victims of intimate partner violence (IPV). Often, the uncovering of victimized patients’ stories may happen in stages. Many patients hold back from speaking about IPV at first, but continued relationship-building with their physicians may empower them to speak over time. A physician who comes to know that a patient is experiencing IPV is better able to understand the patient’s symptoms, better able to diagnose the patient’s problems, and better able to help improve the patient’s health outcomes. Also, using a process of validation, safety assessment, and referral, a physician may be able to help a victim improve his/her situation.

Learning Objectives: Upon completion, participants should be able to
1) Apply guidelines for screening patients for intimate partner violence/domestic violence.
2) Follow best practices for validation, safety assessment, and referral of the patient when
    she/he discloses IPV.

Learning Assessment: There will be a post test for this activity with a minimum performance requirement of 8 out of 10 correct answers.

Estimated time to complete activity: 120 minutes

Residents will earn a certificate of completion. Physicians will earn CME credit. 

CME Information - Read

Method and Medium: To obtain CME credit, view the entire online presentation, complete the evaluation and post test and print your certificate online.

CME Credit: 2.0

State Requirements: Based on information from state licensing authorities published by the AMA, this program meets specific CME requirements for the following states:
Florida - This activity includes content on domestic violence
Connecticut - This activity includes content in Risk Management
Massachusetts - This activity includes content in Risk Management
Pennsylvania - This activity includes content in Risk Management / Patient Safety
Texas - This activity includes content in Ethics and/or Professional Responsibility

CME Disclosure Policy: LAMMICO requires planners, speakers, faculty and all those who influence the content of a CME activity to disclose any financial relationships they have with commercial interests that are relevant to the CME activity. The disclosures shall be reviewed for any conflict of interest and subject to a mechanism for resolution of conflict of interest. A disclosure statement of relevant financial relationships will be made to the audience prior to the activity.

Disclosure: The author, editors and planning committee members for this activity have no relevant financial relationships to disclose.

About the Author: Karen K. Davis, MA, CPHRM - Read Bio

Medical Expert Reviewer: Karl N. Hanson, MD, FAAFP - Read Bio

Managing Editor: Dawer Azizi, MHA, CPHRM, LAMMICO Director of Risk Management

Editor: Sharon Cusanza, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, LAMMICO Senior Risk Management Education Specialist

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Disclaimer: This activity is presented as risk management education. It is not legal advice, nor does it establish medical standards of care. Standards of care vary depending on the unique presentation of each patient. The information contained herein is not a substitute for the reasonable discretion of skilled and informed clinicians at the point of care.

Copyright Information: Copyright © 2016

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